In our previous blog, we discussed why DIY auto glass repair is typically not worth the time and effort, especially in light of the risk that it just won’t work. If you happened to fall victim to the aggressive marketing tactics that DIY chip repair kits use to sell you on an underdeveloped product and are now wondering what to do about your windshield, here is what we suggest:

Next Steps for a Defective DIY Chip Repair

Admit Defeat

The toughest part about a DIY project that backfires is simply admitting defeat. We understand that it can be difficult to confess that the solution you spent your precious time and effort on now needs to be looked at all over again. By being honest with yourself and the technician that will help you out of this situation, you stand a much better chance of saving your windshield. The worst thing you can do is hope that your DIY auto glass repair will somehow start to work, last a while longer, or wait for a convenient time for repair.

Contact West Texas Windshields

The next step is to let the pros take over; give us a call and let us know that you attempted a DIY repair kit and let us know what is happening now. Typically, we see cracking from DIY gone wrong, which is the next step to address. Don’t worry about feeling embarrassed or disheartened, we’ve repaired plenty of windshields that were once DIY jobs and are happy to help in the end. Our mobile repair service can come to you in San Angelo or all across West Texas for auto glass repair.

Understand Your Options

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when it comes to secondary repairs. Due to the supposed permanent solution that DIY kits provide, oftentimes we are not able to remove the resin that was implanted during your initial sealing. This leaves us with a couple of options, which will depend largely on the current situation:

  • Remove the resin and repair the crack or chip as normal
  • Drill into the resin and place an additional repair inside to prevent further damaging
  • Address future cracking, leaving the current resin mostly or entirely in place
  • Fully replace the windshield or auto glass

Our Advice

If you have recently performed a DIY repair kit and are at all unsure about whether or not your work will stand the test of time without significant risk to your windshield, then give us a call to come and check it out. If, however, you feel pretty confident about the quality of your work, then we advise that you keep a close eye on the chip as you continue to use the vehicle. If at any point you notice cracking, enlarging, or unlevel resin in the chip, then you should give us a call immediately to attempt a re-repair of the chip. Failure to do so could result in a much worse cracking situation than was present before the resin was installed as the resin can push water and debris with more pressure than the original chip would be able to.

Don’t risk your windshield on a poor DIY auto glass repair, call us today!