1. 4 Benefits of Fleet Auto Glass Services

    West Texas Windshields in Odessa is committed to providing our customers with the absolute best windshield replacement services in the region. Whether you’re looking to repair or replace the windshield on your personal vehicle or fix the auto glass on an entire fleet of vehicles, West Texas Windshields has both the experience and skillset to provide you with the service that you need. Plus, with…Read More

  2. Signs It’s Time for a Windshield Replacement

    For some cars are a necessity, and for others, they’re a hobby. Regardless of where you stand with your car, there’s a common ground that we can all agree on: having to spend money on repairs is the worst! Not only are unexpected repairs an additional cost that you might not have been thinking of, but they often mean that your car is out of commission for a certain amount of time. That being s…Read More

  3. 5 Ways to Avoid Distracted Driving, Part 1

    Hello, and welcome back to the West Texas Windshields blog! In a recent blog series, we spent some time looking at ways to “spring clean” your car and perform maintenance on your vehicle in preparation for the hotter months ahead. In today’s post, we would like to shift our focus to another subject that we at West Texas Windshields feel is incredibly important for our readers and customers i…Read More

  4. Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Car, Part 1

    If you’re like most people, your vehicle can become a temporary storage closet for odds and ends, as well as a trap for dust, dirt, and other debris that builds up over the winter months. This is why spring is the opportune time to clean and repair your vehicle in preparation for the warmer weather, the road trips, and all the adventures you have planned in and around San Angelo and West Texas t…Read More

  5. Is Driving With a Cracked Windshield Dangerous?

    Have you ever wondered just how dangerous driving with a cracked windshield really is? While you might think that small crack in your windshield is nothing more than a nuisance, the truth is, that little crack is a real driving hazard that will only get worse if you ignore it. As your Top Rated Local® windshield replacement team in West Texas, we’re here to fix your windshield with a quick and …Read More

  6. 5 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Bad Weather—Part 2

    Hi there, and thank you for joining us! In part two of our blog series, we will explore more helpful ways to prepare your car for bad weather. As mentioned in part one, we at West Texas Windshields know that the weather here in San Angelo gets pretty intense around this time of the summer. With severe thunderstorms, the threat of tornados, and being right in the heart of the 2017 Atlantic hurrican…Read More

  7. Ways to Remove Decals from Auto Glass

    Whether you’re a super sports fan, a music lover, or you’re really into politics, you’ve probably stuck a decal or bumper sticker on your back windshield or on the side windows of your car or truck. Car windows are a great location for decals, rather than affixing them to the bumper or the body of your vehicle, but those stickers can leave a sticky residue on your windshield that attracts di…Read More

  8. Simple Tips for Prepping Your RV Windows

    With summer just around the corner, you’ll want to have your RV in tip-top shape for all your road tripping adventures. You’ve checked the tires and brakes, you’ve gotten an oil change, and your motor seems ready to roll, but what about the health of your windshield and side windows? No matter the size of your RV, your vehicle’s windows play an important part in enjoying the sights and sou…Read More

  9. 3 Signs You Need a Windshield Replacement

    We’ve all been there. You’re cruising down the highway enjoying your day, when all of sudden, you hear that familiar, ear-piercing ping, and realize a rock hit your windshield. The crack seems small enough at first, but as you continue driving, you notice the crack getting bigger as it splinters out. You can still see the road, so it doesn’t seem like a big deal...yet. You’re wondering if …Read More

  10. Keep the Fleet Running

    If you manage a fleet of full-size trucks, an LTL fleet, or lease out trucks or contracts to drivers, it is wise to save yourself, them, and your freight shipping clients some precious time by scheduling auto glass repair that can come to you, rather than requiring the truck to stop unwarranted. Planning Mobile Auto Glass Repairs for Trucks There are a number of methods to consider when you’re p…Read More