If you’re wondering whether to spring for a new insurance, be sure to always do the math. At West Texas Windshields, we frequently get questions about insurance, to which we direct customers to check into their coverage options and critically think about the cost savings it could gain them.

Calculating Your Insurance

See What You Already Have

Before you ever opt into a new insurance policy, be absolutely sure that your current coverage doesn’t already adequately cover your costs; for instance, if you’re considering a new, third-party auto glass insurance policy to cover any potential windshield repair, be sure to check your current auto insurance policy first. Many full-coverage policies cover automobile glass repair and replacement, including windshields, although sometimes subject to a deductible. Obviously, this information can weigh heavily on your decision in either direction.

Calculate Your Coverage

If your current policy does offer some level of protection for auto glass repairs or replacements, be sure to calculate what that coverage actually looks like. Imagine a worst-case scenario in which you need a costly replacement: What would be the cost of the repair, how much is your deductible or out-of-pocket cost, and are there any disqualifying factors? If considering a new policy for this exact purpose, be sure to perform the same process while also factoring in monthly premiums as a “cost.”

Find Your Break-Even

Every insurance policy has a break-even point, which essentially means the point at which you can “break even” with the costs you’ve paid to the insurance costs in terms of deductibles for claims and monthly premiums. For instance, if a major windshield repair costs 400 dollars, features a 25 dollar deductible, and your monthly payment is 25 dollars, then you could replace your windshield once every 15 months (or less) to make the policy worthwhile; anything over this amount would be in excess of your payment to the insurance company, and therefore isn’t worth the coverage.

Scrutinize Term and Actual Coverage Costs

Many insurance agents are negotiable, and thus may not offer you the best possible rate up front. If a policy or upgrade seems close to enticing for your situation, but seems just a little too high, be sure to attempt a negotiation with the agent. Additionally, be careful not to lock yourself in a long-term contract, especially if you are unsure about your automobile future. Ideally, any insurance policy or upgrade you opt into should be able to be cancelled at any given time or month. Always be wary of a policy that requires a long term without exit policies built within.

Our Thoughts

Since the cost of windshield repair and replacement with West Texas Windshields is affordable as-is, we don’t typically recommend our customers purchase a new insurance to cover auto glass costs directly (unless they are absolutely certain). Whether or not you opt into a new or upgraded insurance, be sure to contact West Texas Windshields for help with your windshield repair or replacement right away.

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