When you’re considering routine maintenance, whether that means a haircut, windshield repair, or just about anything in between, you likely have two main priorities: The commitment of your time and money. Today, we’ll combine the two to help you assess just how much your time itself is worth when it comes to these types of maintenance items.

Optimizing Appointment Times Keeps Life Going

If you’re anything like us, then your day-to-day life is a blur of constant motion and activity. There is plenty to do, and only just enough time to do all of it – or, more accurately, most of it. We get it; so we designed our mobile windshield repair to serve West Texas areas like Odessa, San Angelo, and hundreds of smaller communities across this beautiful state. If the following points describe you, then you should never wait in a lobby or queue at an auto glass repair shop ever again; call us instead!

Time is Money

This classic phrase has stuck around for a reason: Because your time is literally worth money. When you think about it, nearly every job is paid on a temporal basis: Businesses bill their customers at an hourly rate (or a flat rate calculated using a time estimation), employees are paid an hourly rate and expected to perform specific tasks in certain timeframes, and any given minute you spend not at your 9 to 5 could be spent making, crafting, or maintaining something that can save or make you money. Nothing, however, is accomplished during your time spent in a waiting room, so you’re effectively wasting both your time and your money.

Calculating Your Hourly Rate

To demonstrate this point, consider this example: Just about every professional football player(and other sports star) you’ve ever heard of is affiliated with some charity or another; have you ever wondered why? Beyond a sense of social duty to “give back,” professional athletes make, and are therefore worth, an absurd amount of money per hour. For instance, if a football player makes 5 million dollars a year to play in 15 football games, each about 3 hours long, they are essentially making 5 million dollars for 45 hours of actual work – practices, appearances, and off-the-field time isn’t included in “time worked.” In this example, our imaginary player makes just over 111,000 dollars per hour (yes, that is one-hundred and eleven thousand dollars!), which is what they can write off on their income taxes for every hour of charitable work they do. Professional athletes recognize that their time is worth money – a lot of it – and use that knowledge to their advantage.

So, if you make an average salary of 53,000 dollars per year, your time is worth over 25 dollars an hour to the federal government! Instead of sitting around in an auto repair shop, you could be volunteering your time at a local animal shelter, walking dogs and playing with cats for a 25 dollar tax write off. Of course, that’s just one awesome-sounding possibility – what you actually choose to do with the time you spend not in waiting for a windshield repair is entirely up to you!

Priceless Value

While converting your salary to an hourly figure may have some novelty to it, in reality, most of us would gladly give up 25 dollars to avoid an hour of DMV-esque wait times. Luckily, at West Texas Windshields, we don’t need the 25 dollars or the hour, you get to keep both! In fact, most of our customers don’t pay much (if anything) to us, as we deal with their insurance directly. All you have to do is tell us where to find your vehicle in the West Texas area, and we’ll basically take care of the rest. No matter how much your time may be worth on your income taxes, we believe that everyone’s time spent doing something other than waiting around for an auto glass repair is priceless, which is why we take as little of yours as we possibly can. If you share this belief, be sure to contact our speedy, experienced team the next time you find a crack or chip on your vehicle’s auto glass – we’ll get you taken care of in a priceless amount of time!

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