1. Heavy Equipment Auto Glass Repair

    When we think of auto glass repair, it almost always boils down to cars, small trucks, and maybe even something like a semi-truck. However, at West Texas Windshields, we extend our services far beyond the bulk of vehicles on the road to reach specialty vehicles, such as RVs, tractors, and even heavy construction equipment. The Importance of Heavy Equipment Auto Glass Repair For many large vehicles…Read More

  2. When DIY Auto Glass Repair Goes Wrong

    In our previous blog, we discussed why DIY auto glass repair is typically not worth the time and effort, especially in light of the risk that it just won’t work. If you happened to fall victim to the aggressive marketing tactics that DIY chip repair kits use to sell you on an underdeveloped product and are now wondering what to do about your windshield, here is what we suggest: Next Steps for a …Read More

  3. Reviewing DIY Auto Glass Repair

    West Texas Windshields is proud to provide auto glass repair to San Angelo residents, as well as most of Western Texas, in the form of our mobile windshield repair. Often times we hear the same thing from vehicle owners: “I planned on doing it myself, but didn’t have the time,” to which we emphatically respond with saying that we are glad they didn’t attempt to do so. The Unfortunate Reali…Read More

  4. Is Auto Glass Insurance Worth It?

    If you’re wondering whether to spring for a new insurance, be sure to always do the math. At West Texas Windshields, we frequently get questions about insurance, to which we direct customers to check into their coverage options and critically think about the cost savings it could gain them. Calculating Your Insurance See What You Already Have Before you ever opt into a new insurance policy, be a…Read More

  5. The Future of Auto Glass

      In our previous blog, we mentioned the past, present, and future of auto glass; that really got us thinking about the future of the auto glass industry, and what that could look like for the consumers of the future. With radical advances being made everyday in the automotive technology industry, it is interesting to imagine the potential future replacements for the windshields and auto glas…Read More

  6. What Makes Windshields Different From Other Glass?

    The windows in your car, especially the windshield, protects your vehicle’s interior and passengers in a number of interesting ways, making it one of the more thoroughly tested and invested in safety features in the entire vehicle. Compared to traditional glass, today’s auto safety glass offers a large number of safety and injury prevention measures; just what are these measures, and how neces…Read More

  7. Worry Not, Mobile Windshield Glass Repair Is Here

    There are some things that just can’t wait for life to calm down to be dealt with. Plain and simple, things happen in life that require immediate, professional attention. Anyone that has ever needed a plumber on a school night knows exactly what we mean: some things just can’t wait for the right moment to deal with. The best time to get a crack in your windshield is, well, never. Windshields g…Read More

  8. Auto Glass Repair: Insurance Wants To Pay?

    This may sound crazy, but your insurance may want to pay for your auto glass repairs. For those of us that have dealt with insurance companies extensively (we sure have), the last thing they usually want to do is pay. Of course insurance companies pay out claims every day, but rarely do we encounter a situation where they actually want to cover something. We find that, very often, insurance compan…Read More

  9. Welcome To The West Texas Windshields Blog

    At West Texas Windshields, we have spent the last 25 years providing mobile windshield repair, windshield replacement, windshield chip repair, and more glass repair services to the folks of Odessa, Midland, San Angelo, Fort Stockton, and Andrews. During this time, our mission to deliver a quality product to customers has never wavered. In order to continue providing the best possible service to ou…Read More

  10. Job Post Three

    Replace this content with your own content. Content should be relevant, unique and written with the goal of providing the reader the type of information they are looking for while motivating them to take action. It’s also important to make sure your content has good usage of SEO rich keywords but written in a creative, reader friendly way. Remember, your website is your 24/7 sales person. It nev…Read More