Whether you’re a super sports fan, a music lover, or you’re really into politics, you’ve probably stuck a decal or bumper sticker on your back windshield or on the side windows of your car or truck. Car windows are a great location for decals, rather than affixing them to the bumper or the body of your vehicle, but those stickers can leave a sticky residue on your windshield that attracts dirt and other debris. And while bumper stickers are a lot of fun and a great way to personalize your ride, at some point it’s time to take off those old stickers. Maybe you’re no longer into Aerosmith or you still have an election sticker on your car from the 1996 election, or maybe your favorite bumper sticker is simply peeling off from years of being scorched by the hot Texas heat. Whatever the case, it’s a good idea to know how to remove those decals without damaging your auto glass. At West Texas Windshields, we’re here to offer some helpful ways to safely and easily remove bumper stickers from your vehicle without harming your auto glass. Please continue reading below.

To Start

Begin by carefully working the corner of the decal loose with a plastic tool like an old credit card, or using a good razor blade or box cutter. Gently push the blade under the sticker and slowly push it diagonally until most or all of the sticker is gone. Next, follow one of the tips below or try combining one or two of them for the trickier stickers with tougher residue that is difficult to remove.

Hot, Soapy Water

This is probably the simplest, least invasive way to remove bumper stickers from your auto glass. Add a few drops of dish soap to hot water and soak a lint-free rag in the soapy water. Begin working the area with leftover residue. Do this a few times until the residue is gone. If some of the sticky adhesive still remains, you can repeat the process. Gently push any remaining residue away with a blade until it’s gone. Wipe the area with plain water and spray with Windex to get a nice shine. For older stickers, try soaking the sticker in hot, soapy water before you peel it off.

Natural Agents

For older stickers with stubborn residue, grab a spray bottle and mix three parts warm water with two teaspoons of rubbing alcohol, and one part eucalyptus essential oil or dish soap. Spray sticker with the solution and let it sit soak for eight to ten minutes. Following the instructions above, use a blade to carefully remove most of the sticker. Reapply the solution if necessary until the entire sticker is removed. You can also try soaking a lint-free cloth in vinegar and soaking the sticker with the rag for about five minutes. Scrape or peel off the decal and rub the area with vinegar until the sticky residue disappears.


WD-40 is a powerful cleaning agent that will help remove stickers and decals without harming your auto glass. Start by pouring a small amount of WD-40 on a cloth and use it to work the edges of the sticker. Use your fingers to slowly peel off the sticker as you use a sharp-edged, flat object to remove as much of the sticker as possible. Dampen a lint-free cloth in rubbing alcohol and wipe the residue away.

These are just a few of the safe ways you can easily remove bumper stickers and decals from the glass surfaces on your vehicle. If you have any other questions about removing decals from your windshield or glass, please feel free to give our windshield experts at West Texas Windshields a call. We’re always happy to help you with all of your windshield needs.