Whether you’re looking at a major car repair or not, finding a trustworthy and reliable mechanic is a great idea and can save you huge amounts on unneeded car repairs. While every mechanic will likely have occasional suggestions that can cost you money, finding a trustworthy mechanic that is worth listening to can make your life so much easier.

Traits of a Great Mechanic

While you may have heard that local mechanics are just more trustworthy than those at dealerships or chain stores, this is not always the truth. Of course, we have nothing against local businesses, but there are plenty of honest and reliable mechanics to be found in nearly any type of shop – and plenty that we’d avoid altogether in local shops. At West Texas Windshields, we’ve come to know plenty of mechanics through auto glass client interaction and their industry reputation, and are confident to list these traits in an honest mechanic.

“The Visit”

There will come a time when even the best mechanic has to come out to the lobby with some bad news, but don’t let this similarity with the con artists out there fool you – an honest mechanic will do things a little differently. First off, they’ll thoroughly explain – and likely show you – why a particular part is failing or what makes them think you need to do something other than what you came in for. Next, they’ll walk you through what your options are for repair and replacement, with full disclosure on what something like that will cost today and can cost if it is neglected. Finally, and most importantly, they’ll walk you through what your options are if you need to drive out of there today. This simple difference will make you feel valued, not bullied.


While you can’t trust everything you hear from every person you meet or review you read online, any great mechanic should be accompanied by a cult-like following of fans that swear by them. Granted, just because you haven’t met any of these people, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Here is how to cut through the noise to gauge references and reputations:

  • Ignore anyone that doesn’t give you an alternative when putting down a particular mechanic. If they can’t tell you anyone better, then are they really the person to ask?
  • Take Yelp and other online reviews seriously – with a grain of salt. Unlike restaurants, people don’t usually flock to review sites to praise a mechanic for the work they do; nobody loves spending money at a mechanic, but many people love to complain about it.
  • Take raving fans seriously. Even if you’ve heard mixed things about a particular shop, if you’ve met a raving fan of a particular mechanic or shop, it is wise to listen to them. Ask why they love this shop and what their experience has been, then decide for yourself.
  • Always call or visit before you schedule a repair. While the best mechanics aren’t always known for their customer service, you should at least feel welcome there. Take in what you see, hear, and experience in talking to them and looking around, then trust your instincts!

Never Let Go

If you find a mechanic that you can honestly say is worth taking your vehicle to, never let them go under! There are too few honest mechanics in the world, the few there are deserve to be supported and exalted by the entire community. Take to Yelp and other review sites to talk about your experience, tell friends and family to take their vehicles there, and let the staff know what you appreciate about them and why. By reinforcing and rewarding their honesty and care, you can actually help to sculpt the car repair service you’re looking for. Likewise, if you encounter a dud, be just as aggressive in condemning them through all of the same channels and return to the hunt for a great mechanic.

Keep Auto Glass Separate

Even the best mechanic should be left to the mechanical functions of your car; while we hope you find the reputable mechanic you deserve, be sure to keep your auto glass repair needs to the professionals in that field. For those living in or near San Angelo, that means contacting West Texas Windshields for highly-skilled mobile auto glass repair.

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