When we think of auto glass repair, it almost always boils down to cars, small trucks, and maybe even something like a semi-truck. However, at West Texas Windshields, we extend our services far beyond the bulk of vehicles on the road to reach specialty vehicles, such as RVs, tractors, and even heavy construction equipment.

The Importance of Heavy Equipment Auto Glass Repair

For many large vehicles, replacing any part costs far more than their smaller counterparts. Whether an RV, semi-truck, Caterpillar earthmover, John Deere tractor, Case construction machinery, or other heavy equipment, replacing something as simple as a tire runs easily into the thousands. Auto glass is no exception for these heavy machines, where a replacement can get ridiculously expensive rather quickly.

Why Repair?

As mentioned above, the alternative is much worse. The specific reason for why heavy equipment boasts larger replacement costs is centered around the grade and size of the glass used. While standard cars and small vehicles feature relatively thin glass, heavy equipment simply must have a larger grade to protect the user from potential projectiles and to resist the often rougher vibrations and strain placed upon the glass by standard vehicle operations; additionally, the size of the glass used in the operation centers of these vehicles is typically much taller and wider than a standard windshield, which not only requires the gauge of the glass to be thicker still to brace the entire glass structure, but also makes for much more expensive replacement costs. Basically, the size and strength of the glass make a replacement sheet exponentially more expensive than standard auto glass.

Don’t Chance A Chip

If you’re looking through a chip from your cockpit, it can cost you much more than the annoyance it is grieving you with currently. Because of the heavy duty work and tougher strain placed upon the glass, there is a fairly large chance that the chip can spread into a crack, which can create a hazard for the vehicle operator and greatly increases the need for replacement. Compounding the risk of a chip expanding is the simple fact that many pieces of heavy equipment are left outdoors for days at a time (often indefinitely), greatly increasing the risk for water to fill the chip and agitate the damage by freezing or otherwise enabling further damage. The great thing about heavy equipment is the amount of punishment they can endure before needing a replacement part or failing you, so don’t let something as small as a glass chip halt your progress or risk injury by becoming a much larger problem down the line.

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