The thought of repairing your vehicle is enough to send just about anyone into a fit of financial panic. It’s no surprise to many of us that car repairs seem to pop up at the worst possible times, often costing us just short of an arm and a leg to remedy. There are, however, a few car repairs that can help to preserve or increase the value of your vehicle to a new owner.

Always Repair These Before Selling Your Vehicle


If your battery or alternator has died, it will be nigh impossible to sell your vehicle. This should come as no surprise, but if your vehicle can’t demonstrate any of its electrical functions or turn on, then it is tough to imagine any buyer taking you at your word that the repair is a simple 100 dollar battery and not something much, much worse.

Oil Changes

Sure, this is more of a maintenance item than an actual repair, but by showing a track record of regular tune-ups to the vehicle that include new oil, filters, and other regular maintenance staples on it, you’ll build confidence in the buyer that you have maintained the vehicle to the best of your ability. After all, if your car rarely sees the shop, it may be hiding something you aren’t aware of.


Believe it or not, one of the big things that impresses or scares buyers is the tread left on tires. If you’re able to say that the tires have been replaced in the next year, that will build a large amount of confidence in the buyer. This is largely because tire repair is likely the most expensive imminent repair that driver’s run into; by removing the fear of a sudden tire replacement, you add value.

Belts and Brakes

As your vehicle gets older, there are certain repairs that will become far more likely, regardless of the make or model. Two of these include timing belts and the vehicle’s brakes, which will wear down at different rates depending on how the vehicle is driven. Nobody likes the idea of needing to replace either of these things, especially because failure to do so can be dangerous.

Auto Glass

Repairing auto glass is probably the easiest of the bunch to fix, but can have a huge impact on your sale price. No buyer likes to see cracked or chipped glass, which means that failure to fix the glass can cost you huge in final negotiations; actually fixing your auto glass can cost you absolutely nothing, however, as your insurance will likely pay most or all of the cost. Best of all, you can use our mobile auto glass repair service to get it fixed anytime, anywhere!

While we can’t help with the first few items on the list, if your San Angelo vehicle is suffering from a cracked or chipped piece of auto glass, be it the windshield or windows, give West Texas Windshields a call to get it fixed right away. We’ll handle the repair and your insurance claim, leaving you free to go about your day like nothing ever happened.

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