We’ve all been there. You’re cruising down the highway enjoying your day, when all of sudden, you hear that familiar, ear-piercing ping, and realize a rock hit your windshield. The crack seems small enough at first, but as you continue driving, you notice the crack getting bigger as it splinters out. You can still see the road, so it doesn’t seem like a big deal…yet. You’re wondering if this tiny crack has just ruined your entire windshield or if it’s an easy repair. You could let it go and hope that is doesn’t crack even more or you could get it fixed by a certified technician right away to prevent further damage. If the crack is left untreated, especially as the scorching summer temperatures approach, it will likely splinter even further, creating a sizable crack that can seriously impair your line of vision, placing you and others on the road in danger. To help minimize the “what ifs,” our knowledgeable windshield experts at West Texas Windshields have compiled a list of tips to help you recognize when it’s time to replace your windshield.

Windshield Chips

While windshield chips often seem small and insignificant, they can become a danger down the road. Chips are usually easily repaired in most cases. Chips can be filled in to prevent further splintering. However, if a chip obscures your line of site, or there are multiple chips, you should consider having one of our certified technicians replace your windshield.

Windshield Cracks

Unlike chips, windshield cracks are more hazardous. While cracks can be repaired, they are usually larger in size. In most cases, windshield cracks have grown since the initial trauma that caused it to crack. Also, an initial crack can splinter in every direction, completely obscuring your vision, making it incredibly difficult to see what’s in front of you. Additionally, cracks often capture sun glares easily, which can reflect a sharp, blinding light right in your eyes. In most cases, your best bet is to schedule an appointment with one of our certified windshield technicians, and save yourself a headache in the long run.

Shattered Windshield

A shattered windshield is the most dangerous kind of windshield, as it is nearly impossible for anyone to see clearly through shattered glass. Your shattered windshield should be replaced immediately! Not only is it difficult to see through and dangerous to drive when your site is impaired, you or someone else could be seriously injured. What’s nice is that you don’t even have to worry about driving to us to have your windshield replaced. Schedule a mobile appointment and let our certified technician come to you!

We hope you’ve found our tips helpful for recognizing when it’s time to have your windshield replaced. Save yourself the trouble and have our experienced certified technicians replace your windshield, while also helping restore your confidence as a safe driver. What’s more, we’ll deal with your insurance company directly, so don’t let that stand in your way of scheduling an auto glass replacement. Call West Texas Windshields today and let us help you get back on the road with confidence!